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Is your pet suffering back to work blues?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

My two dogs have just spent a few weeks at my sister’s house where they had the run of the house, spent most of the day inside with her, slept on her bed, and were treated like royalty! Needless to say, they’re not treated like that at my house. With two kids, a rabbit and a husband to look after as well, the dogs live outside, sleep outside in a kennel and, well ok, they’re still treated like royalty! However, we’ve all returned from holidays to the normal routine of school and work so the dogs are trying to cope with being back at home and left alone for most of the day.

‘Where’s everybody gone?’ I can hear them woofing!  And subsequently, we’re experiencing some pet separation anxiety issues.

Jumping fences, barking, howling, chewing and uncharacteristic ‘accidents’ are all signs of what Animal Behaviourists call ‘symptoms of separation anxiety’.

Jumping the fence is what’s happening in our house. Mind you it’s only one of the dogs and he’s not fully escaping because there’s two fences between the back yard and the road. But once Crumble’s jumped the fence he’s stuck in a barren zone of no plants, no shade and no water!

What do I do about it?  According to an Australian Veterinary Association Animal Behaviourist (Dr Kersti Seksel), “the most effective way to treat the underlying anxiety is to prepare your pet for absences and think about providing stimulating activities in your absence”.  Keeping departures and arrivals more low key is another tip.

So, I’ve been stuffing kongs with delicious doggie fillings, giving him different dog chew treats (f.y.i. I’ve discovered that dried bull’s penises are a really great chew item because they thoroughly clean the teeth! Who would’ve thought?), leaving him with a variety of dog toys AND providing him with yummy shank bones. We’ve also been taking him on long walks & runs before we all leave for the day. 

It seems to be working and I guess as time passes, he’ll get used to the longer moments of being alone (even though he lives with another dog). Of course, lots of cuddles and “good dog!” pats help too!

Lou @ Pookinuk.

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Why raw food for dogs & cats?

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Because, according to various vets, our lovable four legged best friends are not designed or equipped to properly digest and absorb cooked food, as we humans are. 
They have been evolving on this planet for 40 million years eating fresh food.  Their mouths, teeth, stomach, intestines, organs and enzymes, are all evolved to masticate, process, digest and absorb raw food, not cooked food.
It’s an interesting school of thought. And perhaps the increase of raw pet food products on the market is a sign that dog & cat owners are embracing this school of thought! 
Here at Pookinuk, we’re seeing more and more options available that are raw and 100% natural as well as being preservative & additive free. Various studies suggest that it’s the preservatives & additives that are the cause of many allergies so offering a diet to your pet that is entirely natural could mean the end of those nasty allergies.
Furthermore, vet expert Dr Bruce Syme tells us that there’s a growing stockpile of scientific evidence that links the long term consumption of cooked commercial pet foods to the development of a vast array of common illnesses and degenerative diseases, including cancer.  
And a poor, unbalanced diet can lead to skin disease and dermatitis, allergies, teeth and gum disease, arthritis, renal failure, ear infections, obesity and other problems. That just means a poorer quality of life for both pet and owner!
It’s definitely worth thinking about. If your pet suffers from allergies or other ailments, perhaps a raw diet is worth considering.
Pookinuk stocks a few raw diet products – - Dr Bruce’s VETS ALL NATURAL (for dogs & cats) as well as a new freeze dried product from New Zealand called K9 NATURAL (dogs only).  For more info on these products, see our other Blog entitled ‘Raw Food Options’.

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Raw Food Options

Monday, April 12th, 2010
Our Blog “Why raw food ?” talks about the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs and cats. We’ve had lots of customer enquiries so here’s an overview of the raw food products we are currently stocking.
Dr Bruce’s VETS ALL NATURAL Complete Mix:
Developed by Dr Bruce Syme, this product is an all natural food for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that, when mixed with the appropriate ration of raw meat forms a fully balanced, 100% preservative and additive free, completely natural raw food diet for dogs and cats.  
Complete Mix for dogs

Complete Mix for dogs & cats.

Complete Mix is manufactured in strict accordance with the principles of raw food. Ingredients are air dried at, or below, body temperature to prevent any thermal damage to proteins, vitamins and enzymes.
The mix is designed to be reconstituted by soaking in an equal volume of water for 24 hours which increases palatability but also allows the germination (activation) of the starch in the grains, increasing their digestibility, nutritional value, and bio-availability.
Here at Pookinuk we pride ourselves on sourcing a variety of different pet foods and therefore being able to offer our customers a range of products to suit their individual (and pet’s) requirements. So, we’re pleased to offer this product amongst our stable of brands. 
The Vet’s All Natural range consists of 4 formulas:  Puppy,  Adult & Senior Dog,  Weight Loss for Dog,  Cat. The variations are designed to meet the individual needs of dogs and cats at different life stages with regard to level of growth, energy, and nutrient requirements.
Each of these are available in 3 sizes: 1kg (bag), 5kg (bag), and 15kg (bucket or carton refill). 
We’ve just been introduced to a new type of dog food which is quite unique to the Australian market. Its called K9 Natural and it’s a raw dog food that’s nutritionally based on the diet of the dog’s closest relative, the wolf. (According to K9 Natural, research has shown that the DNA of the domestic dog is at most only 0.2% removed from that of the Grey Wolf.)
A freeze dried raw food

A freeze dried raw food

I fed this to my dogs last night (they’re fluffy, poodle crosses so not particularly wolf-like in appearance, appetite or looks!) - THEY LOVED IT! You  mix it with a little water, stir and leave it for a few minutes and it turns into a delicious smelling (for a dog), chunky gravy meal.

K9 Natural’s philosophy is based on the fact that canines are carnivores and, according to K9 Natural, when you understand these basic principles of nature and canine physiology, raw feeding with species-appropriate ingredients makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, when put into practice it can deliver great benefits for your dog.

K9 Natural is a revolutionary, freeze dried, raw dog food which combines the natural goodness of fresh whole foods with an absolute commitment to the true nutritional needs of canines.

The Freeze Dried products are not cooked.  The freeze drying process simply removes the moisture content and at no stage is heat applied.  The product returns to its original, fresh, raw state when water is added at feeding time.

K9 Natural contains only quality ingredients – 85% real meat, bone and blood, plus 15% fresh fruit and vegetables, whole eggs, garlic and cod liver oil.  K9 Natural DOES NOT contain additives, artificial preservatives, wheat, wheat gluten, rice, rice gluten, cereal bulking agents or corn.  Therefore, says K9 Natural, your dog is getting everything nature intended it to eat.

K9 Natural Freeze Dried requires no refrigeration, has an indefinite shelf life and comes in lightweight portable packs.  Also available as Lamb Treats.

See if raw  food makes a difference to your pet’s life.

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Australian-made Advance – extra 20% free this month

Monday, April 12th, 2010

One of our best sellers has brought back their popular bonus bags.  Made in Australia by Mars Petcare, Advance pet food is currently offering up to 20% extra food free on their larger sized bags of dog and cat food.

Advance bonus bags are back!

Advance bonus bags are back!

One of the reasons Advance pet food is so popular with our customers is because it’s Australian made and it’s a super premium pet food that includes all the essential nutrients a dog or cat needs to lead a long & healthy life. 

The product’s developed with the assistance of the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN) in the UK – a Research & Development facility that’s been advancing(!) their knowledge on nutrition for companion animals since 1965. Advance Pet Foods benefits from Waltham’s continuous detailed studies of the nutrition and behaviour of companion animals and subsequently produces a food that includes all the proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates your pets need.

Advance Pet food’s excellent philosophy on producing their super premium pet food is based on the following:-

  • Food must be palatable – what’s left in the bowl is of no nutritional value.
  • Food must be sufficiently concentrated so that your pet eats enough to meet its particular nutrient needs.
  • Absorption into the body is only possible if the nutrients are in a digestible form.
  • The diet must be safe, which means it should be free of toxins, harmful bacteria and parasites.

The free 15-20% bonus food offer is available on Advance Dog food’s large bags (ie. more than 13kg) in the following SKU’s:- Puppy Plus Growth, Puppy Plus Growth Large Breed, Adult Dog All Breed, Active Dog All Breed, Adult Dog Large/Giant Breed, Adult Dog Small Breed Turkey & Rice, Weight Control All Breed and Advance Cat Food’s Adult Cat Total Care Chicken.

If you prefer to buy the larger bags of food for your beloved pet, then these bonus bags offer great value for money.  They’re available at Pookinuk until stocks last.

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