Australian-made Advance – extra 20% free this month

One of our best sellers has brought back their popular bonus bags.  Made in Australia by Mars Petcare, Advance pet food is currently offering up to 20% extra food free on their larger sized bags of dog and cat food.

Advance bonus bags are back!

Advance bonus bags are back!

One of the reasons Advance pet food is so popular with our customers is because it’s Australian made and it’s a super premium pet food that includes all the essential nutrients a dog or cat needs to lead a long & healthy life. 

The product’s developed with the assistance of the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition (WCPN) in the UK – a Research & Development facility that’s been advancing(!) their knowledge on nutrition for companion animals since 1965. Advance Pet Foods benefits from Waltham’s continuous detailed studies of the nutrition and behaviour of companion animals and subsequently produces a food that includes all the proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates your pets need.

Advance Pet food’s excellent philosophy on producing their super premium pet food is based on the following:-

  • Food must be palatable – what’s left in the bowl is of no nutritional value.
  • Food must be sufficiently concentrated so that your pet eats enough to meet its particular nutrient needs.
  • Absorption into the body is only possible if the nutrients are in a digestible form.
  • The diet must be safe, which means it should be free of toxins, harmful bacteria and parasites.

The free 15-20% bonus food offer is available on Advance Dog food’s large bags (ie. more than 13kg) in the following SKU’s:- Puppy Plus Growth, Puppy Plus Growth Large Breed, Adult Dog All Breed, Active Dog All Breed, Adult Dog Large/Giant Breed, Adult Dog Small Breed Turkey & Rice, Weight Control All Breed and Advance Cat Food’s Adult Cat Total Care Chicken.

If you prefer to buy the larger bags of food for your beloved pet, then these bonus bags offer great value for money.  They’re available at Pookinuk until stocks last.

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