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The rise and rise of natural pet food

Monday, April 30th, 2012

It was only five years ago that super premium brands like Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet and Advance were the leaders in the pet food industry with their dry, ‘healthy’ pet food formulas. They were heralded by the Vet industry as the healthy alternative to wet, gravy-rich brands such as Pal and the like.  How things have changed!

Now there’s loads of new kids on the block and they’re taking the pet food world by storm with their all-natural formulas. Pet owners have realised that the ‘you are what you eat’ philosophy applies to pets as well as humans! Subsequently, food that contains no chemicals, no artificial colours or flavours but does contain a host of all-natural ingredients is high on their shopping list.

We recently listened to a presentation by a U.S. manufacturer of pet foods who said they’ve been amazed at the rise in sales of all-natural pet food. They commented that “Today’s consumers want to feed their pets like family and even, to a greater and greater extent, like people. Consequently, natural pet food is taking the market by storm”. We liken this to believing that most people wouldn’t eat a fast-food diet (aka McDonalds/KFC) every day, so why would you give it to your pet?

When we started Pookinuk about four years ago, the pet food products available were a drop in the ocean compared to what’s available now. The expansion in the list of all-natural brands goes on forever …. Earthborn Holistic, Artemis, Holistic Select, Black Hawk, California Natural, Innova, Evo, Canidae, Eagle Pack, K9 Natural, Taste of the Wild, Dr Bruce’s Vets All Natural, Organix and Ziwi Peak … and it’s still expanding.

Furthermore, the science of pet nutrition has advanced in such a way that even these all-natural formulas are becoming specialised. The various protein & carbohydrate sources on offer (eg. Chicken & brown rice/Whitefish & sweet potatoes/Salmon & potato/Lamb & rice) are formulated in various amounts to suit different breeds of canines and felines based on their energy needs. Completely grain-free formulas are also becoming more popular. But that’s a whole different ball game …..

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Italian brand ALESSI now available at Pookinuk

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

We all know ALESSI’s beautiful range of quirky homewares. They’ve built their brand around designing slightly idiosyncratic, yet highly fashionable versions of everyday items. Take their famous kettle which is internationally recognised as a design icon from the eighties.

The famous ALESSI kettle designed in 1985

Well, they’ve been busy putting their designing minds to pet products and have recently revealed their Lula and Mio ranges of dog and cat bowls and food/treat storage jars. Uber-stylish, unique, quirky, functional, beautiful and perfect are how we’d describe them! And they’re now available at Pookinuk.

Lula dog bowl in green

Designed by Miriam Mirri for the little tail-wagger in your life, the Lula bowl is made specially for smaller dogs. Use the gorgeous lid to cover up any uneaten portions of food or just to make it look like the piece of art it’s intended to be!  The jar is designed to store food or treats and perfectly complements the bowl. You and your dog will both be howling at the moon with the good looks of the Lula range!

Cover any uneaten portions of food with the gorgeous lid!

Similarly, the Mio food bowl and jar for cats will suit the fussiest of style-minded cats. Absolutely gorgeous!

Now available at Pookinuk. The jars retail at $58.95 each while the bowls start at $118.95.

Store yummy treats or food in the Mio or Lula jars

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Eliminate & neutralise odours with Fresh Wave

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and thought “phoof, this house stinks of dog!”? We have. And many times! And it’s not just dogs that can make your house smell a bit on the whiffy side. It’s any pet …. cats, rabbits, mice, dogs, whatever. If they live or spend a bit of time inside your house, it’s guaranteed that it will pong!!

So, what to do about it? That’s where Fresh Wave comes in. This great new range of products are all natural so throw out any heavily perfumed, chemical deodorisers or air fresheners from your cupboard and try unscented Fresh Wave to eliminate those pet odours ….. naturally.  In fact, try Fresh Wave to get rid of any odours! Cooking, mustiness, smoke, any odours – there’s a Fresh Wave product to suit all smelly situations.

Fresh Wave Sprays, Crystal Gels, Candles, Vacuum Pearls, Laundry Multi-Purpose Additive, Carpet Shake, Pearl Packs and Pet Shampoo all use the power of nature for safe, non-toxic elimination of odours. Simple, natural ingredients like Lime, Pine Needles, Aniseed Clove, Cedarwood and Water are used in the Fresh Wave solution.

Use Fresh Wave in the home, car, office, gym bag, school bag or any place!

Using proven science, the natural ingredients in Fresh Wave products bond with odours to safely get rid of smells in the air, woven materials, confined spaces and everywhere else odours lurk. Give them a try!

Ps. We’ve been using the Crystals in the office and they work beautifully!

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BLACK HAWK touches down at Pookinuk

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

NEW Black Hawk pet food

When it comes to pet food, do the words “Australian-made” float your boat? What about “holistic” or “no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives” or “complete & balanced nutrition“? Or maybe it’s the word “affordable” that gets your heart racing? Well, we’ve got just the thing and it fits all these descriptions and more!

Black Hawk is developed by breeders, is 100% Australian-made as well as being affordable, holistic, super premium and extremely nutritious. And it’s just touched down at Pookinuk!

We get excited when a new dry dog food product comes along that we know our customers are going to love. And we count our customers as both the two-legged and four-legged kind! If you’ve got a dog, puppy or cat, there’s a Black Hawk product they’ll love.

Just a little background:- After a health scare prompted her to look at her own diet as well as her dogs, Sherel, the founding owner of Black Hawk Pet Care, thoroughly researched pet foods and their ingredients. Showing dogs for most of her life and owning Australian Grand Champion “Kylain Black Hawk” (an exceptional German Shepherd), Sherel had a pretty good reason to make sure her dogs were eating the best dog food possible.

She listed all the ingredients relevant to pet food and formed three lists. List A = Ingredients that matter; List B = Ingredients that are OK; and List C =Ingredients that are not OK. From there she researched every dry food on the market to determine how healthy they were and if they were suitable for her pets.

To cut a long story short, her investigations revealed there was only one dry food using all the ingredients in List A. It was made in Australia and importantly it DIDN’T contain any wheat, corn, soy or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. BIG TICK! Sherel began feeding it to her dogs and after a short period of time, began getting feedback from friends and family who noticed how well her dogs looked. Their coats were shiny and soft, their muscle tone had improved and their overall condition was excellent. Other positive benefits included a reduction in stools, increased energy levels, brighter eyes and more contentment overall.

Black Hawk was born. It’s a world class, super premium dry food at an affordable and realistic price. There’s a Lamb & Rice formula for dogs and puppies while cats are offered a Chicken & Rice formula. All formulas come in two sizes - 3kg (from $25.95) and 20kg (from $104.95). Give it a try!

Black Hawk for puppies Black Hawk for cats

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