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The science of pet nutrition = Nutrience

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Pet nutrition has come a long way in the last decade. But I guess it’s not just restricted to pets! The whole western world has gone crazy over anything to do with nutrition, exercise, organics, obesity, beauty, quality ingredients, cooking and so on. But back to pets for a moment.

Pet nutrition is a serious issue. We go back to our argument that you wouldn’t feed your kids a fast food diet every day so why would you give it to your dog? The health benefits are virtually non-existent.

So, have a look at the ingredients in your pet’s food. Is it full of fillers, by-products, glutens and artificial colours & flavours? If so, it might be time to have a think about changing their diet.

A brand you might consider is Nutrience. They take pet nutrition very seriously. Originating in Canada, Nutrience has blended nutrition and science (hence the name!) to create a food for your dog or cat that has ‘no bad anything’ in it!  That means no by-products, no fillers, no added glutens, no artificial colours. 

A lot of people ask us ‘what are the fillers?’ We like this excerpt from Nutrience’s website: “Fillers are not dangerous, but are virtually useless ingredients in a food. They pass right through your pet, giving him very little nutrition. Fillers bulk up a food and help your pet feel satisfied after a meal, but since they contribute less to his nutrition than quality ingredients, he will need to eat a bigger portion of the food to meet his caloric and nutrient requirements. He eats more, you buy more; you are both better off buying and consuming less of a higher-quality food. Eating large volumes of food containing fillers also means more clean-up in the backyard! Nutrience foods do not contain fillers, and instead choose high-quality ingredients for its formulas.”

Many, many brands on the market include fillers. Again, have a look at the ingredients list on the back of your pet’s food packaging. If it contains fillers, you might want to think again about buying it next time.

So, now we know the non-benefit of fillers, it’s important to consider your pet’s nutrition seriously. If you want to see your pet in tip-top health, consider what you’re feeding them and think about the ingredients.

Perhaps it’s time you looked at Nutrience – at least you’d then know that you’re only feeding your pet the healthiest and most nutritious ingredients.

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Pets, planes & automobiles

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Travelling with your pet, whether it’s in the car, on a plane or any which way, can be stressful. If you know your pet is safely restrained or enclosed, then most of the stress is alleviated.

There are many pet carry cages/crates on the market. Some are ideally suitable for the trip in the car to the Vet or to a friend’s house but they wouldn’t pass the tests of the airlines for aircraft travel. To ensure your pet’s safety, the airlines have very stringent guidelines for the type of carry cage used in air travel.

Until recently, we didn’t realise how strict the airlines were about travelling animals. They must be in an approved IATA (International Air Transport Association) cage that’s the correct size so your pet can sleep in a comfortable position as well as stand up & turn around.  The cage must also be constructed in a way that ensures the safe containment of the animal throughout the journey. You can either hire these from the airline or pet travel company (at a pretty penny) or purchase one from Pookinuk. We sell the PP carry cage range which is IATA approved and comes in an array of sizes to suit most dogs and cats.  Starting at $79.95 for a Medium sized cage, it also comes with a floor comfort tray, water bowl, easy fill funnel and water supply bottle for long journeys. The PP range is used by Jet Pets and other pet travel companies.

If you are planning for your pet to travel on an airline, our best tip is to do lots or research*. You have two options – book it all yourself with the airline OR use a pet travel company like Jet Pets. Either way, you will need the approved carry cage so at least you’re half way there!!

For non-airline use, the United Pets range is perfectly suitable for those trips in the car to the beach house or the Vet. And, unlike the plain looking PP cages, these are funky and great-looking!

Take the stress out of pet travel and get a good head-start with one of these carry cages. We all want to ensure the safe travels of all pets!

* See this website post from Dr Katrina Warren for some great information about air travel and your pet – click here.

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Artemis Maximal – for the record is NOT IRRADIATED!!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

For some reason we seem to be getting feedback that one of our most popular brands, Artemis, is irradiated. Just for the record – this is certainly NOT the case.

The whole irradiation topic became top of mind around two years ago when a brand called Orijen became available in the Australian marketplace. Orijen is still a highly successful brand in the American marketplace, with one of its key points of difference is that the recipe is cooked at low temperatures. This point of difference however was its downfall, as all petfood coming into the Australian marketplace that is cooked at low temperatures must be irradiated upon entry into the country.

The Artemis Fresh Mix range is a combination of real chicken, vegetables, fruits, brown rice and essential minerals. They also have a grain free product called Maximal. A key feature of the Artemis range is that it does not contain any wheat, soy or corn, commonly known as fillers and all three seem to have strong links to allergies and skin issues.

Another key feature of the Artemis range is that the manufacturing process involves a cooking method which raises the inner core temperature of the kibble above 100 degrees, which means it can be imported into the country without the need for irradiation.

So just to set the record straight, Artemis Fresh Mix, Artemis Maximal and Artemis Osopure and Artemis canned variety’s, both cat and dog, are safe to feed to your best friends without fear of irradiation!



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Beat the winter chill …. tips to keep your furry BFF toasty & warm!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Brrrrr, it’s cold outside! As I look out the window at the gloomy weather, I also happen to look over at Pookie and Indie (a couple of our Pookinuk mascots!) who are snuggled up in a ball together on their bed and looking ever so snug & warm!

If you’re worried your little four-pawed barking or purring friend is a little cold this winter, this Blog post is all about warm things for pets! We’ve been busy adding a multitude of new clothing and bedding products so you have a great range to choose from.

But before we go into any detail about our warm & snug new products, here’s some tips on keeping your BFFs tip-top and toasty this winter!

First of all, even though they have fur, they still feel the cold. Dogs & cats with longer fur may be warmer than ones with short fur but they all feel it!

  • Little dogs, skinny dogs and short haired dogs should all have a jumper or coat
  • Sleeping in a bed, rather than the floor, will help keep your pet warm
  • If your dog or cat sleeps outside, make sure their bed is off the floor and they have a roof protecting them from the elements (ie. a kennel)
  • Older dogs should spend more time in the warm indoors
  • Shorten the length of time your pet spends outdoors in the cold weather
  • Keep your dog’s coat longer in winter
  • Your pet burns more calories in winter (trying to stay warm) so you could probably feed them a little more food

Check out our range of beds, coats, jumpers, pyjamas, rugs, kennels and so forth – all designed to help keep your pet toasty & warm this winter!  And they’re all delivered straight to your door – no fuss, no heavy lifting, completely stress-free!


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“We found your dog!”

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

The other day I came home to find we’d inherited two extra dogs! Two huffing & puffing Staffies were smiling at me through our side gate while I was thinking to myself “what the ???”

One of our neighbours had apparently found them roaming the streets and (knowing that I owned two dogs) incorrectly presumed they were mine. Amazingly, he managed to round them up and locked them behind our side gate (the fact that he could get a Staffie mixed up with my Spoodle and Labradoodle is rather astounding but that’s another story!).  Anyway, if it wasn’t for the engraved ID tags on them I would’ve been in a right mess. I quickly rang the number on the tag while soothing the dogs (their names were on the tags) and their very grateful owner turned up to claim them all within the hour.

So, what’s the point of this story? A dog tag with the necessary details to ensure you can be contacted if your dog manages to fly the coop will ensure you avoid hefty fines from the Council or nasty bills from the Vet!! Micro-chipping and council tags will always ensure your dog finds his way home EVENTUALLY but if you’ve got your own ID tag with your own number on it, a lot of hassle and stress for both you and your dog is taken out of the equation.

We like ROGZ ‘s latest product which makes ID-tagging your dog completely fuss free. They’ve just launched their new “id-tagz” which are actually Scratchie Cards. Here’s how it works:

  • You buy an “id-tagz” scratchie card for a Small (20mm – $12.95) or Large (31mm – $14.95) tag from pet supply retailers like us;
  • go online to;
  • enter in the (scratched off) code;
  • choose the tag you like;
  • enter the details you want engraved and;
  • VOILA, they’ll send it to your dog in the mail!!  Easy peasy. You’ve just organised a new, engraved ID dog tag from the comfort of your computer chair!

So, don’t leave your dog without ID. Add an ‘id-tagz’ scratchie card in with your next order of food. It’s so easy to ensure your dog (or cat!) never gets lost again!

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