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Sensitive tummies are yelling S.O.S. for help!

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Like humans, our 4-legged best friends also suffer from food intolerances and allergies.

Allergies occur due to a prolonged exposure to a single protein. By rotating diets we can help prevent this. By offering single protein diets we can also help prevent this. So ….. here’s some good news for 4-pawed sufferers.

Artemis has just released a highly specialised formula based on specifically omitted sources. Called S.O.S. (Specifically Omitted Sources), it is comprised of fewer than 10 ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals, to hone in on any special dietary needs your dog may have…because sometimes paying attention to what isn’t there is just as important as what is. In layman’s terms, it’s a food specially designed for dogs who need to limit their protein source due to allergies or intolerances.

With three flavours (Salmon, Duck & Lamb) to choose from, your dog can be sure he is getting the protein that’s right for him. As individual animals have different levels of enzymes some animals assimilate nutrients from one source better than another. By providing a variety we allow our animals an optimal chance to get the best assimilation.

Artemis is dedicated to providing not only healthy pet food but promoting a whole-line or holistic approach to caring for animals. They believe that achieving a balance of all parts – all aspects of an animal’s life - enables them to thrive.

Because a healthy life style begins with nutrition, Artemis creates pet foods that balance all the necessary proteins, fats,  carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, resulting in a food that is greater than the sum of its parts. A holistic approach also encompasses disease prevention and finding ways to support the natural healing process. Their products are developed with the idea that prevention is the best cure and they have gone the extra mile by incorporating fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and digestive enzymes to truly meet all the nutritional requirements.

The S.O.S. .range is available in a dry kibble in 3.4kg and 12.7kg size bags at special introductory prices ($34.36 for the 3.4kg/$82.36 for 12.7kg) for a short time only.

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Artemis Maximal – for the record is NOT IRRADIATED!!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

For some reason we seem to be getting feedback that one of our most popular brands, Artemis, is irradiated. Just for the record – this is certainly NOT the case.

The whole irradiation topic became top of mind around two years ago when a brand called Orijen became available in the Australian marketplace. Orijen is still a highly successful brand in the American marketplace, with one of its key points of difference is that the recipe is cooked at low temperatures. This point of difference however was its downfall, as all petfood coming into the Australian marketplace that is cooked at low temperatures must be irradiated upon entry into the country.

The Artemis Fresh Mix range is a combination of real chicken, vegetables, fruits, brown rice and essential minerals. They also have a grain free product called Maximal. A key feature of the Artemis range is that it does not contain any wheat, soy or corn, commonly known as fillers and all three seem to have strong links to allergies and skin issues.

Another key feature of the Artemis range is that the manufacturing process involves a cooking method which raises the inner core temperature of the kibble above 100 degrees, which means it can be imported into the country without the need for irradiation.

So just to set the record straight, Artemis Fresh Mix, Artemis Maximal and Artemis Osopure and Artemis canned variety’s, both cat and dog, are safe to feed to your best friends without fear of irradiation!



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Grain Free – safety in numbers?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Grain Free Diets – it doesn’t seem that long ago that we had 1 Grain Free Diet in the Pookinuk range, now we have 17 in total. 11 Dog and 6 cat grain free diets. It is all due to existing American brands making their way into the Australian market, much to the delight of the discerning pet owner here in Australia. Brands such as Artemis, Canidae, Earthborn, Evo, Innova and Taste of the Wild are all now available in Australia.

Most of these brands have more traditional diets utilising fibre sources such as brown rice, pearled barley, or even oatmeal to balance up their diets, however Taste of the Wild is an all GRAIN FREE offering.

Some customers in the early days were concerned about the high fat and high protein combination of the grain free diets with some diets as high as 42% Protein and 22% Fat. Some dogs do extremely well on these very high percentages and for others it is too rich a diet. Now however there is an enormous choice of different combinations with the lowest on offer being a 25% Protein and 15% Fat balance.

It is little wonder that the Grain Free diets have come into vogue given the amount of phonecalls we receive at Pookinuk regarding allergy issues. Things such as itchy skin, hot spots, yeast problems in ears, sensitive stomachs etc are a very common issue. Thankfully these Grain Free diets seem to be combating these issues. A simple diet of real protein sources (ie; salmon, bison, chicken, lamb, etc) balanced with a non grain carbohydrate such as potatoes or sweet potatoes seem to be giving these dogs suffering allergy issues relief.

Regardless of your preference between brands if you are considering a grain free diet for your dog or cat you now certainly have a wide variety of choice , after all there is safety in numbers!

Grain Free Diets (alphabetically listed)
Artemis Maximal - 42% Protein, 22% Fat
Canidae PureLand – 25% Protein, 15% Fat
Canidae PureSky – 34% Protein, 16% Fat
Canidae PureSea – 40% Protein, 20% Fat
Canidae PureElements – 34% Protein, 18% Fat
Earthborn Primitive Natural - 38% Protein, 20% Fat
Earthborn Coastal Catch – 32% Protein, 18% Fat
Evo Turkey and Chicken – 42% Protein, 22% Fat
Taste of the Wild Roasted Fowl – 32% Protein, 18% Fat
Taste of the Wild Smoked Salmon – 25% Protein, 15% Fat
Taste of the Wild Bison and Venison – 32% Protein, 18% Fat

Earthborn Primitive Feline – 44% Protein, 20% Fat
Earthborn Wild Sea Catch – 44% Protein, 20% Fat
Evo Cat and Kitten – 50% Protein, 22% Fat
Felidae Pure Sea – 40% Protein, 20% Fat
Felidae Pure Elements – 39% Protein, 20% Fat
Taste of the Wild Venison Salmon – 42% Protein, 18% Fat

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Free Royal Canin storage bins now available from Pookinuk

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Receive a free storage bin for your Royal Canin dog or cat food when you buy from Pookinuk this month!

Cat storage tin - free with all Royal Canin cat food

These fabulous air-tight storage tins/bins will be sent to you as a free gift when you buy any bag of Royal Canin cat food or a 10kg or larger bag of Royal Canin dog food.  This great offer includes Royal Canin’s pharmaceutical range.

Dog food storage bins - free with purchases of 10kg or larger bags

With breed specific ranges for dogs (eg. Golden Retriever, Labrador, Boxer, German Shepherd, Daschund) and cats (eg. Persian, Siamese, Maine Coon) as well as a comprehensive range suiting all breed sizes, there’s a product in the Royal Canin range to suit all types of dogs and cats.

Royal Canin was developed by a French veterinarian, Dr Jean Cathery in the 60′s. He began making dog food to cure recurring eczema in dogs as he maintained a belief that certain conditions occurred through an adverse reaction to food consumed by the animal.  He also believed that certain breeds were susceptible to certain ailments so he then began producing formulas of food to suit various breeds.

Royal Canin spends a significant amount of time in Research & Development to determine the eating habits & nutritional needs of all types of dogs & cats. It then produces super premium food formulas to suit.

Try Royal Canin and receive a free gift.  Take advantage of our home delivery service & buy this month only at Pookinuk!

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Artemis Maximal – grain free diet for dogs

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

If you’re looking for a high protein, low carb, GRAIN FREE diet for your dog, Artemis Maximal might be just the thing.

Grain free diet - bonus bag offer at Pookinuk

Grain free diet - bonus bag offer at Pookinuk

And to promote trial, for a limited time Pookinuk is giving a 1.8kg bag away free with every 13.6kg purchase of Artemis Maximal dog formula.

The Maximal formula was created to ensure a balanced diet for those who have chosen the raw food option for their pet. A single source protein (chicken) eliminates possible allergy caused by multiple protein source.  There are no grains or beet pulp in this product.

Artemis is dedicated to providing not only healthy pet food but promoting a whole-life approach to caring for animals. They believe that achieving a balance of all parts – all aspects of an animal’s life – enables them to thrive. Artemis Pet Food is an all natural product – they do not use any artificial colours, dyes or bleach.

Because a healthy lifestyle begins with nutrition, Artemis’ food balances all the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, to produce a super premium, entirely nutritional food for your pet. A holistic approach also encompasses disease prevention and finding ways to support the natural healing process. Their products were developed with the idea that prevention is the best cure so they have gone the extra mile and incorporated fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and digestive enzymes to truly meet all the nutritional requirements.

Made in California, Artemis Pet Foods first arrived in Australia in January 2008. Artemis has been consistently listed in the Whole Dog Journal’s Top Approved Dry Dog Foods and once again in 2009 acheived this status.

Artemis Maximal is also available in 6.8kg bags as well as a formula for cats.  See if your pet benefits from this holistic, grain free approach. Give it a try!

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Why organic pet food?

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

With 3 dogs, 1 cat and a rabbit between us here at Pookinuk, we’re constantly on the look-out for cat & dog food products that will keep our furry friends in tip-top shape & health. Being strong believers in the old adage “you are what you eat”, we reckon this applies to our four-legged best friends as well!  We’ve seen the benefits of an organic diet so surely dietary changes can help our pets too.

And I don’t think we’re alone in this. Since the Natural Balance brand disappeared, customers are constantly asking us about the availability of a replacement organic pet food.

Research suggests that organic foods have many benefits for pets. Without totally plagiarising from an American website that we’re always referencing (, there are five key benefits:-

1) Reduction of skin ailments and allergies – because it’s free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives and toxic pesticides that could be the source of your pet’s allergies.

2) More energy and a healthy weight – dogs feel more satiated eating smaller amounts of tasty, nutrient-dense foods. An organic diet can help your pet lose weight, have more energy and therefore exercise more.

3) Fewer digestive disorders – easily digestible oats, barley or other natural whole grains and human-grade turkey, lamb or chicken make a huge difference to your pet’s digestive system. Rather than consuming corn or other bulk fillers and chemical additives, your pet will ingest only what it needs for healthy metabolic functioning.

4) Better overall health & stronger immunity – because an organic diet is more digestible, our pets are likely to absorb rather than eliminate more of the nutrients they require to maintain a healthy immune system. Boosting your pet’s immunity may help prevent costly infections and illnesses that require vet care.

5) Quality of life and longevity - a luxurious, shiny coat, energy to run and play, a healthy weight and a strong immune system can maximize your dog’s life expectancy and quality of life into old age.

OK it might be more expensive but it might help delete that even more expensive vet bill!

So, we’ve been on the look-out for a top quality organic product for quite some time and we’re excited to say that we think we’ve found it. Made by Castor & Pollux in the U.S., their Organix range meets all U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requirements and it doesn’t have to be irradiated when it hits our shores (good thing!).

Organix pack shot - there's Adult dog, Puppy & Cat formulas

Organix pack shot - there's Adult dog, Puppy & Cat formulas

Organix dog & cat food products comply with all USDA National Organic Program requirements, which means that each and every ingredient in Organix including those that aren’t organic are reviewed and approved by an organic certifying agency that enforces all USDA requirements.  Which means that the words “organic” or “‘certified organic” on the Organix labels are bona fide!

Organic ingredients must have no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no bio-engineering (no GMOs).  Certified organic, free-range chicken is the #1 ingredient in all the Organix dry formulas with organic brown rice, organic peas, organic carrots and organic flaxseed completing the mix for a wholesome, balanced diet. Buy it online and get it delivered to your door from Pookinuk Pet Supplies – we stock the Adult Dog, Puppy & Cat dry formulas as well as the canned range.

It comes in a 1.3kg bag which makes it easy to give it a try. See if you can see the organic difference and let us know what you think!

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