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Royal Canin produces food to suit all breeds

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Do you have a Golden Retriever, Boxer or Cavalier King Charles or perhaps you have a SiamesePersian or Maine Coon breed of cat?  Whatever your breed, Royal Canin produces a food to complement the breed’s characteristics.

Take for example the Golden Retriever. Full of energy, Golden Retriever’s always give their utmost. Sweet, affectionate, patient… their calm nature makes for an ideal companion for children. Brave, enduring, blessed with legendary flair and an outstanding memory, they have always proved great loyalty to their owners.

Royal Canin’s food for Golden Retrievers focuses on four main areas inherent to the breed:-
 - Maintaining the glory of a beautiful coat
- A rather sensitive skin
- A tendency to gain weight
- Supporting cardiac function
An example from Royal Canin’s breed specific range

Their other breed specific foods do the same. Check out the Royal Canin website – it’s very interesting reading (the link to the breed specific foods is on the right hand side of their home page).

If they don’t produce a food specific for your breed, they also produce foods designed specifically for different size dogs & cats. Check out their range of dog foods for Mini Breed, Medium Breed, Maxi Breed & Giant Breeds here.  To see their varied range of cat foods for Kittens, Adults, Indoor & Outdoor cats, click here.  And they also produce a Pharmaceutical range.

You can buy Royal Canin dog and cat food formulas from Pookinuk and for this month only, we’ll send you a free food storage bin!  Offer also available on Royal Canin’s Pharmaceutical range!

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