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We’ve grown feathers!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

We’re pretty excited to tell you that we’ve just expanded our range to now cater for Chooks and Birds. If you’re searching for chicken coops, bird food or avian healthcare products, then Pookinuk will now be able to help you out!

Our product range includes the fabulous aluminium framed chicken coops from Royal Rooster. Light weight and mobile so they can be moved around your backyard, this range comes in various shapes and sizes and are shipped as a flat pack all round Australia. Various accessories are also available to ensure your chooks are housed safely and comfortably.

Also available in our new avian section is the Vetafarm range featuring top quality food and healthcare products for caged and exotic birds. Various pellets, healthcare supplements and other products are available. As the name suggests, the Vetafarm products are produced and manufactured by Vets and are specifically for birds.

Of course we’re still looking after our pooch and puss friends with food and accessories but we’re very excited to also now have feathers as well!

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