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Free Delivery on all food orders if they include a packet of Greenies dog dental treats

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Special offer available till end of November – FREE DELIVERY* on all food orders if you buy a bag of Greenies dental dog treats.

Add a bag in with your next food order or buy a bag on its own! Greenies are like tiny toothbrushes for your dog. They are proven to help control plaque and tartar, freshen breath and improve your dog’s overall oral health. Greenies takes your dog’s dental hygiene very seriously. They’re a dog treat that’s good for your dog!

Free Delivery when you buy a pack of Greenies dog treats

And they’re good for your hip pocket this month! Treat your dog, treat your hip pocket! This Pookinuk offer ends 30th November so be quick.

* Offer available to our normal postcode delivery areas.

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Spring Specials At Pookinuk

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Step into Spring and enjoy our latest specials! Take out the fuss and back-breaking worry and get your pet food, accessories and healthcare delivered to your door.

Advance Bonus Bags are back – get up to 3kg extra food for free. Now’s a great time to try this super premium, Australian made pet food. Bonus bags available on Active, Adult All Breed, Adult Large Breed, Puppy Growth, Puppy Large Breed & Weight Control products for dogs. Plus Adult Cat. Offer available while stocks last.

Take 15% off the price of selected Hills Science Diet items.  The food the vets feed their dogs, Hill’s Science Diet large bags are on special this month – Hills Canine Large Breed 15kg, for example, is now $97.95 (was $114.95). Go to our website to see other Science Diet specials (available dog products only).

Take $20 off the price of 13.6kg bags of Grain Free products from Canidae. Now $99.95 (were $119.95). If you’re looking for a grain free fish or meat protein diet for your dog, try Canidae’s Salmon or All Life Stages Formula while it’s on special. This is an alternative to try if you’re an Eagle Pack Holistic customer who’s been waiting on stock replenishments.

** NEW ** All Natural Treats – our very own Pookinuk brand! We’re very excited about our new range of doggie treats. They’re all natural – no additives, no preservatives, no colourings – and they’re dehydrated and ready for munching and crunching! Lamb puffs (great for sensitive stomachs), Green-lipped Mussels (great for arthritis), Roo bites (very low in fat) and Bull sticks (nature’s toothbrush!). Only available at Pookinuk.

Save 15% off the RRP of Puppia’s range of leads, collars & harnesses:- Be the fashion leader with these gorgeous accessories. Puppia’s great new range of sparkling collars, colourful harnesses and matching leads are now available at Pookinuk and are certainly adding colour and glam to the world of dogs. Save 15% off the normal retail price when you buy from Pookinuk.

Flexi‘s retractable leads are all the rage – save 15% off the RRP for a limited time. We’ve added to our range and now have a varied range of colours, styles and lead lengths to cater for all requirements.

There you have it – our Spring specials in a nutshell. Saving you $$ and the fuss and bother of buying your pet food & accessories. Hope to see you at soon.

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Walkies? Does that provoke great excitement?

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Of course it does. What dog doesn’t like going for a walk?  I have two dogs and their excitement about going for a walk turns into jumping up and scratching at the door which I’d quite like to discourage before they completely ruin our back door!

Another relevant story in the Whole Dog Journal (WDJ) that I read recently lists five things to try if your dog gets over-excited before a walk.

Tips to reduce the excitability of 'Walkies' time

Tips to reduce the excitability of 'Walkies' time

They firstly suggest that you spend 15-20 minutes exercising the dog first. This might include tossing a ball for the dog in the backyard or a tug-o-war game that will take the edge off her excitement, reduce her energy level and make leashing up a little less manic for both of you.

Secondly, and this is the part I like, teach the dog to ‘say please’. I try and do this and have succeeded in getting both dogs to sit (ie. ‘say please’) before I put their leash on and it really works in settling the behaviour down! The WDJ recommend that you reinforce your dog’s ‘sit’ behaviour so thoroughly that ‘sit’ becomes her default behaviour – the behaviour she chooses to offer when she doesn’t know what else to do. If the dog sits, then good things happen, ie. sit to be leashed up for a walk, sit for meals & treats, sit to be petted, sit to make the door open.  That definitely works for me!

Thirdly, pick up the leash throughout the day. By picking it up, draping it around your neck, putting it down again, pick it up & put it down, perhaps even clip it on the dog’s collar and then unclip it, the leash will no longer be a reliable predictor of walks, and she won’t have any reason to get all excited about it. The WDJ warns that this little tip may take a while to work as “hope springs eternal in the canine heart”!

No. 4 on the list is to use negative punishment. Not a bonk on the head but setting up a situation so that doing the bad behaviour causes a good thing to go away. For eg, when you pick up the leash and the dog goes crazy, say ‘oops’ in a cheerful tone and put the leash down and walk away. When she calms down, pick the leash up again and if she ‘says please’, attach the leash and go for a walk. If she doesn’t, say ‘oops’ again and repeat the process. This teaches her that getting excited makes the opportunity for a walk to go away, staying calm makes walks happen.

Lastly on their tip list is to reduce the significance of other ‘walk cues’. That means the things you do that mean going for a walk, ie. getting the leash, putting on your jacket, getting your keys etc. The more you ‘randomise’ your ritual, the less these steps contribute to her growing excitement over what it all means! Walkies!

Hope these tips help in creating a calmer but still exciting part of the day for your four legged friends.  I’m definitely going to give it a go, for the sake of my back door! LJ.

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Is your pet suffering back to work blues?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

My two dogs have just spent a few weeks at my sister’s house where they had the run of the house, spent most of the day inside with her, slept on her bed, and were treated like royalty! Needless to say, they’re not treated like that at my house. With two kids, a rabbit and a husband to look after as well, the dogs live outside, sleep outside in a kennel and, well ok, they’re still treated like royalty! However, we’ve all returned from holidays to the normal routine of school and work so the dogs are trying to cope with being back at home and left alone for most of the day.

‘Where’s everybody gone?’ I can hear them woofing!  And subsequently, we’re experiencing some pet separation anxiety issues.

Jumping fences, barking, howling, chewing and uncharacteristic ‘accidents’ are all signs of what Animal Behaviourists call ‘symptoms of separation anxiety’.

Jumping the fence is what’s happening in our house. Mind you it’s only one of the dogs and he’s not fully escaping because there’s two fences between the back yard and the road. But once Crumble’s jumped the fence he’s stuck in a barren zone of no plants, no shade and no water!

What do I do about it?  According to an Australian Veterinary Association Animal Behaviourist (Dr Kersti Seksel), “the most effective way to treat the underlying anxiety is to prepare your pet for absences and think about providing stimulating activities in your absence”.  Keeping departures and arrivals more low key is another tip.

So, I’ve been stuffing kongs with delicious doggie fillings, giving him different dog chew treats (f.y.i. I’ve discovered that dried bull’s penises are a really great chew item because they thoroughly clean the teeth! Who would’ve thought?), leaving him with a variety of dog toys AND providing him with yummy shank bones. We’ve also been taking him on long walks & runs before we all leave for the day. 

It seems to be working and I guess as time passes, he’ll get used to the longer moments of being alone (even though he lives with another dog). Of course, lots of cuddles and “good dog!” pats help too!

Lou @ Pookinuk.

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